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Only the paranoid survive.

"Both optimists and pessimists contribute to the society. The optimists invents the aeroplane and the pessimists, the parachute"

Gill Stern
I came across this little piece of wisdom & I just loved its inherent message. Like most of us, I am tired of new age gurus & self help experts telling us to be positive all the time. Certainly optimism is a very powerful tool. It propels us to act & doing "invariably" opens up a lot of opportunities for us. But the pessimists of the world are not the wet blankets that they are made out to be. They just have a different perspective & to dismiss them as people whose glass is always empty is to undermine the contribution they make.
The world usually celebrates the achievements of those who do things, create things and move things forward - the optimists. But we do not give credit to those who foresee what can go wrong and point out what can not be done. Those who defused bombs before they detonated and those who ask …

More about me, my nature , my bad things....

Those who don't know me...
can have a look
those who know
can still have
waise bhi...... whom can I stop :!

I am....
Brave, do not fear obstacles.Fastidious by nature, want to finish work as soon as possible.Life is always a struggle and usually have enough enemies to fight till the end.Successful in doing things which are not supposed to be done.Good in Administration, management , maintaining discipline.Short tempered.Have great self respect.Can't stand scathing rebukes.Any girl can befool me, just by a mere show of a fake love.Easily impressed by cohorts. Can do good in life by having some control on my short temper.

Have great virtues of team management. Want to do great things in life.For fame and facets.Sometimes cling to heavy expenditures to attain what I want.
Can have strong enemies and extreme opposition.Sometimes have to deal with danger and violence.At once , could get stuck to long judicial trials which could lead to acute loss of money.
If I could have a contr…

Not even people, but Robots and aliens can come from the future to our times....a pretty logical point to make out...

will write soon.

Two stones, me and my wish......

Three days back, my friend got me two stones from a Peer Baba & he told me to make a wish and strike the stone till the time the first spark comes out.Everybody in my consul tried but failed in vain .I made a wish and started off.I had to switch off the light so that we can see the spark if any comes out.I tried endlessly for half an hour till one of the stone broke into several pieces.The stone was hot and red and sullen were both my hands.My friends told me to stop, but I didn't.I started again with pieces.It took me another 15 minutes when I was the happiest to see the first spark.
All my friends yelled_" You did it Dilkash " but I was full of emotions and tears trickled from my eyes.Somebody out there must be knowing what I wished.

Chiku ki yaadein..... :)

Chiku & Miku hamare ghar ke pahle khargosh the.Guddu & Bhatkun! please correct me if i am making sm mistake.we got them from chitkohra bazaar in mumma's typical leather basket ,way back in the springs of 1996, i hardly remember.Years passed by as it usually does.Chiku and miku grew with us just like our 6th and 7th family member.Summers, great rains, chilling winters for were all alike when in games of different sorts. We often procrastinated our daily monotonous work and evening plays in trying to catch hold of these two cotton balls,
running helter skelter. I was our jolly time to just see them from some distance,lying on top of one another and breathing rapidly.When anyone of Chiku or Miku was busy grazing the grass and other came from behind hitting with his soft paws,they were to jump high in the air out of complete instinct threat of the predators.
The small shaded cottage in the Big campus that we had often overflowed with stirrups of soft green grasses.Chiku and Mik…

A worst night in my life....prior IITJEE 2005-06

Day before Yesterday night, I was trying to sleep early for the next day's performance in Patni's interview, but I couldn't .Then all of a sudden I recalled the same experience in the past, the right thing at the right time could have changed a lot in my life.
I feel dreaded when I remember that night
It was 13th of April 2005 ,00:05 a.m.
I decided to sleep then, for early morning we had the SCREENING test of IITJEE.It was scheduled to be in St Michael's school beside Gandhimaidan Patna.
.I wasn't able to sleep.All those things that i studied,which grilled me for three four years, came down rushing as if they were knocking my head.In that dark unplastered room of our newly built home,things were getting more and more sombre, every moment I turned my side.I just could not sleep.Everything of,& organic equations, inorganic formulaes, moleculer structure, different laws of chemistry physics and mathematics intertwined with plethora of questions were coming do…

New Rs 2/1/5 coins ...not good.

Good going RBI
you launched
all new Rs 1 coin
and Rs 2 coin
and Rs 5 coin
why would you think of us?
you better think over infl tion
& soaring metal prices
Here we always
Rs 5 coin for 50 paise
worth ten times less
Rs 2 coin for Rs 1
double the value.
They are of equal weight & lustre
who wouldn't be dumb then ???
2 ka sikka
purana waala,
How beautiful it was
a regular hepdecagon
& beautiful it was
with a sense that
anybody could makeout the difference.
I remember those times
we never faced difficulty
& life was good .
My dear RBI
why the hell did you think
of launching new set of coins??

why the hell did you want to make fool of us?
& make our life miserable in
each transactions.

Didn't you think about those
who are deprived of their sight
they have no idea now
of what to do.
you have turned the
lower rung economy upside down
those deserving less now get more
those deserving more now get less
good going RBI
good going RBI
we …

Besides one else dear mumma !!

Besides you,
my dear mother !
I shall not find another
who will give peace to my soul
and indulge me.
have tried & seen everywhere
there wasn't any difference
they all had some conditions
to give and take
thinking about themselves
& ruthless
when i faltered

some asked for my time
some fascinated by my face
they wanted my fidelity
who wanted my demons
Besides you
no one else shall shade me
in the sun.
the way you cared about
every petty issue
every minute details
I shall never ....
forget in my life....

Mumma !
you said,
pretending to
look away from me
" I'll miss you my child "
I laughed a strange laugh
but you didn't
you had deep secrets in your heart
you revealed them
in some obsolete
corner in the home
which we made and abandoned
i feel sad.
Besides you
what druid has the cure to my ills.
Besides you
no one else
will stick your palms
in front of others
i made you do this
I am sorry.

Besides you
w… much is it into our life.An Anaylysis.

will soon come.

ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, The next dreaded threat on all life forms.

will soon write.


can't tell you
what is life.

Asombre set of scribbled scenes
or the harshy mays of sieze & rise

O !
much have I travelled in the realms of earth
some where a beggar died
somewhere somebody got a birth

Period seemed the hithered dithered dead bees
Lo ! Two ships sunk unto the caspian seas

where the encouter of the grotesque death
take place with ever short life,
No one knows this gospel truth
being in the tricklets of the deadly knife.
So surreptitious it is.Isn't it ?
makes a being crippled out it fits,
more is it worst when poverty ranks first.
the same life goes
wherever we have an of thirst.
when the stomach is empty
twixt the glands
when a thirsty man dies
in some dreary desert sands.

when the patient fight
with the grotesque truth
when a mishap falls upon
on swallowing bismuth.
such queries come
drums & drums my ears
which I can not answer ..
never in the millions of years.
when a desolete life intersects the kedgy mays..
Is it a life o…

What woul I write more in my blog....

Some topics which daily strikes my mind, in my daily life & with which you also would relate to,

Why don't we have a proper sewage disposal system in mumbai.. why aren't those bhangaarwallahs caught who steal the plastic dustbins in our city.Infact why at the first point we have plastic dustbins installed in every nook & corner of our city.

Dogs love us like no other animal could love.Then why can't we love them equally.

Acute scarcity of peepots and public urinals in mumbai.

BSNL Should come out with an online phone directory.

will think more & write more on it

Airofloat crash..... can't we save lives anyhow??

This is heart rendering to know about the aeroflot crash in Russia. Howsoever technically advanced we are , we just can't avert such incidents.Our life gets that vulnerable onboard, can we just believe.
While I was in my college library today & was going through this inopportune incident in a local tabloid, one sudden thought came in my mind.
Can't we make the whole boeing airborne if some parts of it get faulty ( like this aerofloat which caught fire on its left engine).I don't know why people come out with ideas so complex, just to attribute to the technologically advanced period of ours.Why can't we apply our common sense, even a child can do??

Why can't we just think in simple terms.To make an airplane airborne what do we need...a big big net...How is it possible ??? We have big cranes ,airships, we can even make bigger ones to sustain the momentum of these faulty boeings while still in sky struggling between life & death.Or can't we just give parachut…

For Bhatkun, with love...

My little brother came in my dream today with the same childlike face & smile.Those days, his laughter was the most peculiar feature anybody could point out (I'd surely attach his sweet pic here once i get it ) .He was really really adorable & papa was right to call him Dilbar.

Now when I've started off talking about him, Why shouldn't I write something more of Bhatkun.

Bhatkun alias Dilbar, my brother is youngest of all the siblings I'm blessed with.During our childhood days we indeed were a nauseating bunch of children playing around & studying hard.We also had all friens from our neighbourhood ...Shobhit,Sejal,Bubu,Surinder(Maut ka cylinder :) ).Bhatkun & Bubu usually got along with one another very well while we never noticed.He used to be very very energetic in those days & was the apple of mumma's eyes.I must admit that his birthdays were always celebrated otherwise he wud be sad.As e all were children we often used to fight over trivial iss…


Excerpts from Gulzaar.....


Subah subah ik khwaab ki dastak pe darwaza khola
sarhad ke uss paar
bahar se
kuch mehma aaye hai
aankho se maayoos the saare
chehre saare sune sunae

Pao dhoye
Hath dhulaye
Aangan me aasan lagwaaye
tandoor pe makke ke
kuch mote mote rot pakaye

potli me mehma mere
pichli saal ki phaslo ka gud laaye the
Aank khuli to dekha
ghar me koi nahi tha
hath laga ke dekha
to tandoor abhi tak bujha nahi tha

aur hotho pe,
meethe meethe gud ka zaayka
ab tak chipak raha tha

khwaab tha shaayad
khwaab hi hoga

sarhad pe kal raat suna hai
chali thi goliyan
sarhad pe kal raat suna hai kuch khwaabo ka khoon hua hai.


Mujhko bhi tarkeeb sikha de yaar julahe
aksar tujhko dekha hai ye taana bunte
jab koi dhaga toot gaya
ya khatm hua

phir se baandh ke aur sira koi jod ke usme
aage bunne lagte ho.

maine to ikk baar buna tha
buss aik hi rishta
jiski saari girhaae
saaf nazar aati hai mere yaar julahe

Mujko bhi tarkeeb sikha de
yaar julaahe.


Jaade ki narm dhooop...

Jaade ki narm dhoop,
chat ka sajeela wo kona.
narm narm kisse,
moongphali ke daane,
aur gudguda bichauna.
dhoop ke sath khisakti khatiya,
kisso ki chadar
aur sapno ki takia.

Dosto ki...
hansi ke thahake,

Yada kada amma wa,
didi ke tamashe.

Haatho ko baglo me dabaae,
aanch pe chadha,
chai ka bhagona.

Hatho ko baglo me dabaae,
aanch pe chadha,
chai ka bhagona.

sab baato me gum hai
koi fark nahi padta.
sab baato me gum hai koi
fark nahi padta

kisi ka hona na hona,
phir bhi,

bhool nahi pata

Jaade ki narm dhoop,
chat ka sajeela wo kona.
narm narm kisse,
moongphali ke daane ,
aur gudguda bichauna.

dhoop ke sath khisakti khatiya
kisso ki chadar wa sapno ki takia.


That warmth of the winter sun
that awesome corner of the portico
those splendid stories.
with hot peanuts in hand.
& that soft bedding.

sliding bed
& the sun sliding
those sheet of anecdotes
& on the pillow,
dream riding.

those hands pressed hard
against the body
with tea on the smouldering fire.

everybody seems so bus…

A tender meet in my life....


....just in front of me stood a 6 foot,bearded Karan.Ahead of him was a young beautiful girl, presumably belonging to the anglo-eastern community.She had on her a sky blue jeans which just touched her knees.Her rounded, well shaped calves were completely bare. She wore low heeled pseud shoes with blue bordered white socks kept half folded.Hergreen locked, untouched by oil waved near her temples.Her eyes were transparent & beautiful.Her looks ..intense...immensely expressive.Each uncovered portion of her body radiated,as it were a tempting golden lusture.Her black hairwere talking to air while kissing her head, temple & cheek as if nothing is precious to them than this.

I clearly saw in the lucid & expansive depth of those eyes a touch of poetry, a picture of love, content, tone & temper in quick succession.

Her nostrils were somewhat distended.The reddish tinge of her cheek shone more appealingly everytime i saw her.All her body seemed to be smouldering with la…

I miss those days......

I miss .....
all those beloved things
of mine
all reminiscent beings
who helped me grow
which helped me grow.

That Quarter C/5, that gave shelter
to a tender heart.
just eight years old.

that old B.S.E.B. school of mine...

I miss,
my first 3 cart cycle,
on which we often had a joy ride

I miss,
not so often touch of my father
who left me that early
for good.

that thella walla
from whom we use to pic up the pineapple scrap
I miss those burfees
made of plain floor
20 pieces for just rupee one
in color with
all those chatpate Paachaks
that omniscient pheri walla..


narrow lane
people called it salempur dumra
in the home of an MP

that Central public school
& mantu maam
all my childhood pals
Pandey ji

Holi, Dipawli Eid Dussehra
That whole world in a small place

& wo chat pe patang udana.

I miss...
that cottage twixt three trees
where we stayed for 14 long years
my childhood just passed by
happy moments
attempts to suicide
trying to catch fish from …

Mrudula's evergreen messages....

Yeah !!
Came after this long time.Well ..was busy with some works & just forgot u people.
Well there is this " Queen of Mars " in my college who is so used to sending sms's that every now and then I am showered with her blessed ones.Know what??
Now my phone's sms memory is full....but i really love opening inbox and scrolling down while seeing MRUDULA AJ.....MRUDULA AJ...MRUDULA AJ...& 20th sms down the line the link breaks but to intertwine again.
I must also confess that to her every message, pat responses came from my side. Sometimes I also felt miserable when I dint message her.
"I would really expect Mrudula to have her comments posted on this thread"
Now..... as my phones memory is full, i really don't feel like parting with her messages graced with martian innocence. so me going to write all collect all these stuffs so that i can get back to it. & God will give me a nice reminiscence.

one hurts you so you may find someone who can heal you.I…
Check out this link to view some of my Artifacts:-

and please donot forget to post your views.


"Beeta hua pal "

Beeta hua pal kabhi guzarta nahiwo sahma hua sa baitha hairaaste ki kise pichle morh parzindausske bhi kuch jazbaat hote hai aur kuch armaa bhiguzar to mai jaata hu kissi musafir ki tarahaur wo beeta pal wahi meri rah taktakissi perh ki tarahye aawaaz bhi aise hikissi pal ki haijo baitha hai kahi ird girdmere pichle manzil kimeri jaa kahi bhi jaabuss sambhal ke jaanabuss sambhal ke jaanayahi pe khada hai ghar tera .2aana dobara
meri pichlee manzil jaha mai ruka tha thodi der aur socha tha zindagi yahi ruk jayegilekin shuru hona meri kismat thi aur chalte rehnaFitratye arma ye lamhe ye issi raste me mili kuch khubsoorat cheeze hai zara dekhiyeinme se kuch aapke to nahi

A distant dream from the past

“A distant dream of the past”
My distant past reminds me of something that in today’s time is a faint phantasmagoria. It was a much confused incident, for I am never able to make a distinction between reel and reality.
I was then around four years old when I met an old man in loose white clothes. He came with some of his disciples. Everyone of them were sashayed in a white clad dress.Their dress was as loose as to let pass the omnipresent air. His beards were all white. It was as white as could be symbolized well with the serenity. The wrinkles on his face were showing deep lines of worldly experiences.
Wherever he was going, his disciples were following him. I didn’t know why. He came to me and asked whether I want something. I didn’t know what to ask for. He gave me an illusionary model of the home I was staying then, the government quarter C/5 that was allotted to my father.
This illusionary model was an airy fairy thing to work out. I wanted to get it …