The forgotten Sahariya Community of the Bundelkhand

Community -`Sahra’ is being used as a synonym for the word `forest’.  One of the scheduled tribe has been named as `Sahariyas’ only because it was totally dependent upon forests for its very existence in terms of its society, family, livelihood and everything else.  The people of `Sahariyas’ tribe never used to bother about their future, because they were confident that forests, which they respect and protect, would never leave them hungry.  However, the other groups of Society have exploited the forests to the tilt, for meeting their own self-interests. Consequently, the very source providing the food security to the families of `Sahariyas’ tribe has been irretrievably damaged.  Left with no alternative, the people of `Sahariyas’ tribe had to look out for labour work in the local stone mines to earn their livelihood.  Slowly and slowly, they were becoming a tool of exploitation in the wider perspective of our social system. Livelihood issues - Caught within the web of constant shrinki…