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Lets do it

TISS, Mumbai
27th March 2010

Today from 8:30 pm to 9:30 p.m., some of us chose to switch off our room lights, fans , laptops etc in our and other people's room. Some of our friends also objected to our switching off the light and switched them on once again and told us to do whatever they want in their own room. We never mind for this as it is an act of forceful intrusion.

We, being anywhere, can always contribute howsoever little just by switching off the lights and fans and laptops when they are not in use. Not flushing the water in our toilet pans (cuz we never suffered from some obsessive compulsive disorder),using papers effectively, using water economically while washing the clothes and most effectively by being a factor to have/organise plantation efforts in our own immediate niche. Although its a cliche' these days but it would be trite and obvious and would be repeated again and again. Believe ! Our nature would be happy that we, the true sons of soils are putti…

One peculiar thing about Chennaites

Men Hostel, Laxmi's room
19th March
12 noon

I have come into contact with some people from Chennai.What I have personally observed, is the fact that most of the Chennaites do not understand Hindi. And if they understand Hindi, they are so perfect in it that they can even beat north indians in pronuncing and writing it.Examples are so many. Divya from TISS and Uththrashree from Royal College are two of the.

I thought to write this after meeting Pranali's home last night, where the discussion actually took place.

I recommend this peculiarity for a further research.


Use of old expired/ unregistered simcards

We usually throw sim card when it gets expired / unregistered. This may also lead to environment pollution like other electronic equipments does.

Never throw an expired or unregistered simcard. The sim cards available in India comes with 64 k or 120k memory( k means kilobytes). Even if it cannot detect the service providers network. Its memory can be used to save your precious contact numbers, because every now and then smart phones are stolen and the common grievance is the loss of all contact numbers.

Just insert your old expired sim card in any latest phone that you use and then you can copy all contacts from the phones memory to the simcard memory.

This way you can create a chip set of different contact numbers saved in different sim cards and then you can keep it safe somewhere in you cup board.

What say?
So many role plays in my life to play ...being a brother of three siblings , being a son, being a friend, being a student, being.....being a member of a home which is yet not finished, being the care taker of my pets, being a gardener, handling caseworks, being in a field work setting, responsiblity towards my gadgets.Ehhh..what not. At one point of time you get saturated and some role plays are compromised.

Aman's one question astonished me

I take tuition of a very cute child named Aman. He is very witty and clever. I really feel good when I take his tuitions. He is my calvin of " calvin and Hobbes ". I usually give him knowledge about general phenomenon to keep him out of edge from his peers.

One day I was telling him about the importance of Tigers and how human beings are killing tigers for their personal gains. In earlier classes I had told him about the systematic balance of nature in making a food chain. As this chap of mine retains all abstruse nuances, pat came his question- "What is the need of Tigers when human beings are killing all herbivores also.? There population would toh will anyhow be controlled by humna beings only ?"

Oh ma gaad ! He was right. I kept pondering over his innocent question, which was very legitimate also. The way he stares at me sometimes with that questionable look sometimes intrigues me to no extent. He is a way too much brainy. Ha ha ha.