Lets do it

TISS, Mumbai
27th March 2010

Today from 8:30 pm to 9:30 p.m., some of us chose to switch off our room lights, fans , laptops etc in our and other people's room. Some of our friends also objected to our switching off the light and switched them on once again and told us to do whatever they want in their own room. We never mind for this as it is an act of forceful intrusion.

We, being anywhere, can always contribute howsoever little just by switching off the lights and fans and laptops when they are not in use. Not flushing the water in our toilet pans (cuz we never suffered from some obsessive compulsive disorder),using papers effectively, using water economically while washing the clothes and most effectively by being a factor to have/organise plantation efforts in our own immediate niche. Although its a cliche' these days but it would be trite and obvious and would be repeated again and again. Believe ! Our nature would be happy that we, the true sons of soils are putting in, our own efforts to add to the our immediate resplendent NATURE.


Things Aside,

We each one of us puts a great pressure on our environment. Remember - The root cause of all the problems is our own ever increasing population. We can easily contribute by having a small family. " Ham Do..hamare Aik" is the need of the hour.Hope you would spread this message,whereever you go.

Lets make habit to have the Earth hour in every hour of the day we stay in the home we stay, in the office, in the school we study, in the community we work and wherever we go. Remember, social learnings happens everywhere among human beings.