Finding Groundwater using COCONUT.

Way back in our rural practicum in Pachod, one of the district beside Aurangabad in Maharashtra, I learnt to know, for the first time in my life that there are beautiful traditional techniques in the village to find a source of an underground water current. Victor, one of my colleague from Tata Institute of Social Sciences was the one who told us about this technique of using dry Coconut to find groundwater.

Though our group of seven members tried it and tried it, we couldn't ascertain the availability of water using the coconut. 

The procedure though goes like this:-

Take a full coconut after removing the bulky fibre. Leave little fibre almost in a triangular look at the top.There will be two or three black spots on the coconut at this place.

Now keep lower arm up in L shape & palm unfolded

Keep your palm almost flat. No curving of fingures.
Now place the coconout on your palm ( O> like this ) . 

Now slowly move by walking, keeping your hand in " L " Shape. You should find that the coconut will lift on its own when you come across the water current. That is, the bowl shaped coconut bottom on your palm and the pointer will be towards the sky. ^

Where there is more water current it will lift up fully. If you move slowly backwards, the coconut will come to the resting point. 

It is noticed that few people do not get response from the coconut. Don't know why.

Research by your own means.


sharan. said…
why these coconut ups when you walk and how many depth of these underground water
Anonymous said…
It is true and I had also seen this.
Anonymous said…
Why some people are not getting this means - it is based upon the blood group. This technique will quickly work for the Person with O positive blood group.