Aman's one question astonished me

I take tuition of a very cute child named Aman. He is very witty and clever. I really feel good when I take his tuitions. He is my calvin of " calvin and Hobbes ". I usually give him knowledge about general phenomenon to keep him out of edge from his peers.

One day I was telling him about the importance of Tigers and how human beings are killing tigers for their personal gains. In earlier classes I had told him about the systematic balance of nature in making a food chain. As this chap of mine retains all abstruse nuances, pat came his question- "What is the need of Tigers when human beings are killing all herbivores also.? There population would toh will anyhow be controlled by humna beings only ?"

Oh ma gaad ! He was right. I kept pondering over his innocent question, which was very legitimate also. The way he stares at me sometimes with that questionable look sometimes intrigues me to no extent. He is a way too much brainy. Ha ha ha.


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