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The Problem with "Passing the Buck" attitude

PTB essentially means never acknowledging your responsibilities and blame others for non compliance of duties assigned to you. In our world, passing the buck has almost become an affair. Almost everyone of us keep on talking about the problem and never take a step ahead on our own. Take an example , just have a visit in government offices and you will get to know how often you are made to run from here to there and to your utter disappointment and to the official’s crass negligence, you are back to square one with your work getting done by the same official over a loooong period of time. Ehhhhhh…… Everyone talks of global warming .They say U.S., Europe, China are damaging the whole ecosystem and Lo ! We are on the verge of death, but they would be the one who wouldn’t switch off their lights and fans and A.C.’s when not serving a purpose. Infact everyone of us does that..but for how long. We need to stop this shitty “PCBish” attitude asap.

That “ Lage Raho Munna Bhai “ wala dial…