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Why do clocks/watches around the world show 10:10 for their advertisements? Muse over and have an insight.

Have we ever noticed that watches for sale are always pictured with hands pointed at 10:10? Here is an explanation. Mostly, clock companies and ad people think that they do so by aesthetic purposes and of course using the "smile" theory which will be explained . And then I’d write something afterwards which would astonish most of you.
1) The form of the hands has a positive effect on the view: the short hand pointing at 10 o'clock and the long hand pointing at 8 minutes is reminiscent of a check mark, which commonly means "ok" or "fine." Some observers further identify this appearance with a smiling face.
2) The position of the hands does not obscure the date on watches with a date-function at 3 o'clock or any other functions at 9 or 3 o'clock.
3) The position of the hands does not obscure the company logo, which is often printed under 12 o'clock.
4) The hands are nearly symmetrically balanced on the face of the dial at 10:08. The minut…

How many of us know about Mr Amjad khan........The "Gabbar" of sholey.

Amjad Khan (Hindi: अमजद खान, 12 November 1940 – 27 July 1992) was an acclaimed Indian actor and director He worked in over 130 films in his film career spanning nearly twenty years. He enjoyed iconic popularity for his villain roles in Hindi language films — he is most famous for playing the role of the dacoit Gabbar Singh in Sholay (1975).

Early life

Amjad Khan the son of legendary actor Jayant was born in Hyderabad in 1940 to Muslim parents. He was the brother of fellow actor Imtiaz Khan and Inayat Khan who only acted in one film. In 1957, he was cast in the movie Ab Dili Dur Nahin, as a child artist. Around 1972, he married Sheila Khan, and the following year, she gave birth to their first child, Shadaab Khan, who acted in a few films only. He also had a daughter Ahlam Khan and son Seemaab Khan.

Amjad Khan did schooling at St Theresa's High School , Bandra. He attended R D National College in Bandra and was the General Secretary - the highest elected student body representative. H…

Mumbai flooded by migrants from North india......... Truth and reality.

MNS chief Raj Thackeray has been saying that migrants from the cow-belt are swamping Mumbai, but an analysis of a five-year data on the
migration pattern reveal that an equal number of migrants have been coming to the city from within Maharashtra.
The study conducted by the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) showed that in a five-year period between 1995 and 2000, around 8.6 lakh migrants came to Mumbai. The study was based on the 2001 census data which put Mumbai’s population at 12 million.

Of these 12 million, 3.2 lakh had migrated from north Indian states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir. Migrants from Maharashtra to Mumbai numbered 2.4 lakh. And, 1.2 lakh South Indians migrated to Mumbai in the same five-year period. ‘‘This data explodes the myth that north-Indian migrants are overcrowding Mumbai.

While the number of people who come from the southern states have decreased, there is a large number of migrants coming to Mumbai fr…

मेरा छोटा सा परिवार

Image younger brother in the first pic.
My sister at the top
Next to Dilbar, further down is My big brother Shahzad
Phir hai meri Mummy
and Neeche Viraaje hue shrimaan koi nahi....
hum hi hai.

और ये है मेरा छोटा सा परिवार .


Mere pichle janm ka saathi.....

How an air bubble can kill us ? The phenomenon of air embolism.....

Many of us wonder how an air bubble can kill us. Some of us also must have seen in the old movies how one of the character kills the other ( Not so ostensibly ) by just puncturing an empty syringe having air in it into the receiver's body.Death by such conditions is called as Air Embolism.I often wondered how an air bubble can kill a person.Some of you must also have wondered like me . Here is the answer from wikipedia.
Don't be ignorant.spare some time and Have a look.Next related phenomenon is Gas embolism in diving.

An air embolism, or more generally gas embolism, is a medical condition caused by gas bubbles in the bloodstream (embolism in a medical context refers to any large moving mass or defect in the blood stream). Small amounts of air often get into the blood circulation accidentally during surgery and other medical procedures (for example a bubble entering an intravenous fluid line), but most of these air emboli enter the veins and are stopped a…