A distant dream from the past

“A distant dream of the past”

My distant past reminds me of something that in today’s time is a faint phantasmagoria. It was a much confused incident, for I am never able to make a distinction between reel and reality.

I was then around four years old when I met an old man in loose white clothes. He came with some of his disciples. Everyone of them were sashayed in a white clad dress.Their dress was as loose as to let pass the omnipresent air. His beards were all white. It was as white as could be symbolized well with the serenity. The wrinkles on his face were showing deep lines of worldly experiences.

Wherever he was going, his disciples were following him. I didn’t know why. He came to me and asked whether I want something. I didn’t know what to ask for. He gave me an illusionary model of the home I was staying then, the government quarter C/5 that was allotted to my father.

This illusionary model was an airy fairy thing to work out. I wanted to get it any how but I was not able to touch it, forget about cathing hold of it.

Since then four years passed by when my father died in 1993. I never knew who this man was. Then by a serial sequel in DD1, that started way back in 1995, I got to know that this old man was no one but “Sai Baba”. I still wonder how come he came in my dream at that point of time when I never knew him.

But I feel , I am very privileged that I got his “Darshan”. Although, I still can’t make out whether it was real or virtual.

Whatever be the situation I feel He must be watching me. Whether or not , I am lucky.


This date the 20th of May 2008

...To add to it , when I came back to mumbai , I issued one book on sai baba from the library. To my astonishment, the book was last issued on 1982.I dont know , what made me so inclined to only get that book.


:) Good to read this Dillu. I didnt remember that the book that you took from Library was on Sai Baba.
Anywways..all the best for everything.
Hope you get past these testing phases with flying colours and shining all the way! :)