can't tell you
what is life.

Asombre set of scribbled scenes
or the harshy mays of sieze & rise

O !
much have I travelled in the realms of earth
some where a beggar died
somewhere somebody got a birth

Period seemed the hithered dithered dead bees
Lo ! Two ships sunk unto the caspian seas

where the encouter of the grotesque death
take place with ever short life,
No one knows this gospel truth
being in the tricklets of the deadly knife.
So surreptitious it is.Isn't it ?
makes a being crippled out it fits,
more is it worst when poverty ranks first.
the same life goes
wherever we have an of thirst.
when the stomach is empty
twixt the glands
when a thirsty man dies
in some dreary desert sands.

when the patient fight
with the grotesque truth
when a mishap falls upon
on swallowing bismuth.
such queries come
drums & drums my ears
which I can not answer ..
never in the millions of years.
when a desolete life intersects the kedgy mays..
Is it a life of years,
or just of a few days????


( written way back some 8 years ago, in the summers of 2000)