A tender meet in my life....


....just in front of me stood a 6 foot,bearded Karan.Ahead of him was a young beautiful girl, presumably belonging to the anglo-eastern community.She had on her a sky blue jeans which just touched her knees.Her rounded, well shaped calves were completely bare. She wore low heeled pseud shoes with blue bordered white socks kept half folded.Hergreen locked, untouched by oil waved near her temples.Her eyes were transparent & beautiful.Her looks ..intense...immensely expressive.Each uncovered portion of her body radiated,as it were a tempting golden lusture.Her black hairwere talking to air while kissing her head, temple & cheek as if nothing is precious to them than this.

I clearly saw in the lucid & expansive depth of those eyes a touch of poetry, a picture of love, content, tone & temper in quick succession.

Her nostrils were somewhat distended.The reddish tinge of her cheek shone more appealingly everytime i saw her.All her body seemed to be smouldering with latent desire.Once, gazing passionately into her eyes ,I was deeply emoted....."It was deep ,dark, intense & stirring".
She was Nupur Kapoor.

This was an infatuation & it had to do with the flowing testosterones in me.I really can't attribute or rather blame like this...but it was pure.
But I've been wondering why the sight of beauty should make men feel so helpless & lost ? Why should it unleash the subdued primitive instinct in a man? Why should a man, just at the sight of beauty, forget himself, his education, culture & civilization & try to go back to the dawn of the first creation & become the innocent & free child of nature?



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