For Bhatkun, with love...

My little brother came in my dream today with the same childlike face & smile.Those days, his laughter was the most peculiar feature anybody could point out (I'd surely attach his sweet pic here once i get it ) .He was really really adorable & papa was right to call him Dilbar.

Now when I've started off talking about him, Why shouldn't I write something more of Bhatkun.

Bhatkun alias Dilbar, my brother is youngest of all the siblings I'm blessed with.During our childhood days we indeed were a nauseating bunch of children playing around & studying hard.We also had all friens from our neighbourhood ...Shobhit,Sejal,Bubu,Surinder(Maut ka cylinder :) ).Bhatkun & Bubu usually got along with one another very well while we never noticed.He used to be very very energetic in those days & was the apple of mumma's eyes.I must admit that his birthdays were always celebrated otherwise he wud be sad.As e all were children we often used to fight over trivial issues like once for a handy videogame which he was reluctant to give to me as it was gifted to him( he only won finally) once over ironing my cloth.He may have forgotten all this though.
Dilbar from his Kg's till 7 or 8 th, always used to be the topscorer in college but was always casual about his personnel maintainance.You can expect this to happen if you are the youngest in the family & is always showered with love & attention.Sometimes Mummy & Raju (My sister shabnam )were often called to report in the school for his untidy cuffs and collars & to my pleasure, all those parts were actually meant to be splotched for dark destiny of those polyester yarns.Ha Ha Ha

Well i used to be equally angry on him for his "easy go ,never care " nature. Its bad if your parents have to hear odd things about you even if you are the creme' de la creme' of your institution howsoever small & unabounding it is.

Often there were times when our kind attention proved fatalistic to Bhatkun.He can not forget those gut wrenching times on the dinner/ lunch dastakhaans on our 12"x10" bed, sitting opposite to Guddu (My elder brother Shahzad ).Guess what was the matter?

This little chap of mine never used to eat properly...NEVER.Thats why he was a lean figure in our family.Although it could be attributed to early nutritional problems,we never understood.Bhatkun had a particular loathsome retreat to all kind of food, he neverate properly and Guddu often used to be angry on Bhatkun for not atleast thinking of his health properly.Well...This this fickling of Guddu's mood & cosy "care not" attitude of Dilbar is continued till date.We are dead dreaded about it.
How can I forget some instances over a game of carrom board.This was a die hard game for us & often proved nightmarish for my younger Brother.
This little chap had a unique style of hitting the coins by the stricker.One thud,great contact of palm & the board( we knew how much friction was there on board, it was custom made by Guddu :) ,all coins displaced except the targetted one, dat deadly stare by guddu LOL........remember Bhatkun ??

With a decade ago transitions from Patna Public school to the completion of 10+2 from D.A.V. this guy is all geared up to get in a good engineering college.As we all have risen up from rags , we all are more or less sensible towards life & our family members,Not to forget this goody goody lovely Bhatkun .He has become a man now with great degrees of friendship values & maturity towards lilife. One trait has greatly evolved in him & that is terse speaking.He hears more & speaks less now.

Dear Dilbar !!
God or rather the intuition of sigmund freud's" Interpretation of dreams" gave me this lucky opportunity to write about you.You are always dear to my heart.& I know that with time, you will do great things too. I believe in you & that is all I have & that is all is needed.


Your demon Brother



Anonymous said…
Thanks Guddu
Do keep checking my blog.
Cuz if u wont check, i wont write.