Mrudula's evergreen messages....

Yeah !!
Came after this long time.Well ..was busy with some works & just forgot u people.
Well there is this " Queen of Mars " in my college who is so used to sending sms's that every now and then I am showered with her blessed ones.Know what??
Now my phone's sms memory is full....but i really love opening inbox and scrolling down while seeing MRUDULA AJ.....MRUDULA AJ...MRUDULA AJ...& 20th sms down the line the link breaks but to intertwine again.
I must also confess that to her every message, pat responses came from my side. Sometimes I also felt miserable when I dint message her.
"I would really expect Mrudula to have her comments posted on this thread"
Now..... as my phones memory is full, i really don't feel like parting with her messages graced with martian innocence. so me going to write all collect all these stuffs so that i can get back to it. & God will give me a nice reminiscence.

one hurts you so you may find someone who can heal you.If nobody is there to hurt you, you will never know the person who cares for you."

sth abt aimcat...sunday..hod ..should not be conscious....calling me studious(& rather she is)

sweet is our memory, dear is ur name
close to my heart ( :) ), u'll always remain.
I met you as a stranger & liked you as a friend
hope our friendship never ends.

U touched my life in a special way
much special than i expected
though i dont know how special i am to u
but u r always special to me ma friend.

sign of maturity is not when we say "badi badi baate"
but it is when we start understanding "choti choti baate".

u may be out of my reach but not out of my mind
u may be out of my sight but not out of my heart...
i may not say that i miss you but i always do.

Friendship doesn't get closer by meetings
but it's sweetened by thoughts.
i care fr u in my own special way.
may be u'll never know.
may be i'll never show.

no yaar hum aapke jaise great poets thode hi na hai but ya tm logo ki den hai yaar bt i really c to it if i mean to dat person k. n so sad its nt raining hr so tomorro pakka coll.

a cigerette shortens ur life by 1 min, a beer shortens ur life by 4mins but a lecture shortens ur life by 1 dnt sit fr lectures.

Heart speaks more when eyes start looking at smone silently
& life becomes more exciting when smone starts reading those eyes silently..( i reallllllllllllly liked this )

I got a job in microsoft thru dad's is 8 lac/annum.....b'lore na?
bt b4 joining..
mom woke me up.
let me sleep again..

( first i ws happy to knw that she gt an upper rung job...but finally laughed out aloud )

if time doesn't wait for you
dnt worry
just remove th battery from the clock & enjoy life.

grt ppl....grt thoughts.....

...responses from selfside were espoused with tinge of emotions which i 'd write in the same thread.

@ Mrudula :_ Yaar kuch bhi bolo.......u r the first person in college whom i found pretty pretty unique than the whole tribe.
To add to it
Junta & gossipmongers wud be equally newzical to know that only one Mrudula Tonde is registered in orkut till now.

Good going ....Dear !! we love you for what u are.

Never change !!!

Rest.......Tomorrow ( I hv to sleep now as just an sms came frm mrudula, she is threatening me of dire consequences which i will hv to face if i dnt come for shailaja mam's practicals tomorrow.)

chalo baat maan li. !!


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