Airofloat crash..... can't we save lives anyhow??

This is heart rendering to know about the aeroflot crash in Russia. Howsoever technically advanced we are , we just can't avert such incidents.Our life gets that vulnerable onboard, can we just believe.
While I was in my college library today & was going through this inopportune incident in a local tabloid, one sudden thought came in my mind.
Can't we make the whole boeing airborne if some parts of it get faulty ( like this aerofloat which caught fire on its left engine).I don't know why people come out with ideas so complex, just to attribute to the technologically advanced period of ours.Why can't we apply our common sense, even a child can do??

Why can't we just think in simple terms.To make an airplane airborne what do we need...a big big net...How is it possible ??? We have big cranes ,airships, we can even make bigger ones to sustain the momentum of these faulty boeings while still in sky struggling between life & death.Or can't we just give parachutes to each & every passenger & let them leave the aircraft.Yeah it is sure that the chances of surviving are bleak but still its not that bleaker than dieing overboard.What say??

In the case of Aerofloat, the pilot was very much in panic & just didn't obey the orders sent by AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL.What he did, to his state of panic, took the plane to a higher altitude.He must be thinking at that moment," Why to invite a very tragic death " why not be alive for two more quarters." Had he applied his common sense , he should have diverted the aircraft to a water body & could havemade safe landing.Here in this case safe landing couldn't have been safer than taking the Boeing to a higher altitude or flying it closer to the ground.

Can you imagine the way your thought process will go if you are in the same seat or to be very associative you are a passenger overboard.You want to survive, you pray hard...harder ...harder...still you can't do anything.Statistics show that most of the time, nobody survives actually.I really feel dreaded & start shivering. If you survive such an inopportune incident, I bet you'll never forget this in your lifetime.

Everybody must have thought the same way.Nobody survived. &Goddamn we dont have any means to avert this tragedy.

I'd request the ATC to just think simply & come out with solutions out of common sense.