I miss those days......

I miss .....
all those beloved things
of mine
all reminiscent beings
who helped me grow
which helped me grow.

That Quarter C/5, that gave shelter
to a tender heart.
just eight years old.

that old B.S.E.B. school of mine...

I miss,
my first 3 cart cycle,
on which we often had a joy ride

I miss,
not so often touch of my father
who left me that early
for good.

that thella walla
from whom we use to pic up the pineapple scrap
I miss those burfees
made of plain floor
20 pieces for just rupee one
in color with
all those chatpate Paachaks
that omniscient pheri walla..


narrow lane
people called it salempur dumra
in the home of an MP

that Central public school
& mantu maam
all my childhood pals
Pandey ji

Holi, Dipawli Eid Dussehra
That whole world in a small place

& wo chat pe patang udana.

I miss...
that cottage twixt three trees
where we stayed for 14 long years
my childhood just passed by
happy moments
attempts to suicide
trying to catch fish from the wells
appearing fr a lot of competitions

while i was in k b sahay
& in d.a.v.
giving me a nice exposure to
the outside world

that golden year 2001
when i was the jewel of school but failed attempts to impress some Priety.

My principal of KV

who was a loathsome figure&
a horror
but kv comes in mind only for Meenakshi
Dnt know where she is.

i miss a lot
my home
my chiku
dat flirtatious...
my mumma
my bed
with dat tensionless sleep
of a new born child.

& i miss all the missing parts too..