New Rs 2/1/5 coins ...not good.

Good going RBI
you launched
all new Rs 1 coin
and Rs 2 coin
and Rs 5 coin
why would you think of us?
you better think over infl tion
& soaring metal prices
Here we always
Rs 5 coin for 50 paise
worth ten times less
Rs 2 coin for Rs 1
double the value.
They are of equal weight & lustre
who wouldn't be dumb then ???
2 ka sikka
purana waala,
How beautiful it was
a regular hepdecagon
& beautiful it was
with a sense that
anybody could makeout the difference.
I remember those times
we never faced difficulty
& life was good .
My dear RBI
why the hell did you think
of launching new set of coins??

why the hell did you want to make fool of us?
& make our life miserable in
each transactions.

Didn't you think about those
who are deprived of their sight
they have no idea now
of what to do.
you have turned the
lower rung economy upside down
those deserving less now get more
those deserving more now get less
good going RBI
good going RBI
we usually call these sikkaas as Chillars
& it has become now .
all look alike....
Good going RBI
good going RBI.