Two stones, me and my wish......

Three days back, my friend got me two stones from a Peer Baba & he told me to make a wish and strike the stone till the time the first spark comes out.Everybody in my consul tried but failed in vain .I made a wish and started off.I had to switch off the light so that we can see the spark if any comes out.I tried endlessly for half an hour till one of the stone broke into several pieces.The stone was hot and red and sullen were both my hands.My friends told me to stop, but I didn't.I started again with pieces.It took me another 15 minutes when I was the happiest to see the first spark.
All my friends yelled_" You did it Dilkash " but I was full of emotions and tears trickled from my eyes.Somebody out there must be knowing what I wished.


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