The origin of the number 420 ..Chaar sau our common talks about cheaters.....Also list of sections of the IPC you should know.

Ever wondered the origin of the number 420 ?

We in India use this number so many times to describe those who are involved in cheating/betraying/chicaning others. I also remember how the room number 420 was missing in Sevaniketan where I used to stay when I was in St Xavier's Mumbai. Day before yesterday, I was going through the Indian Penal Code viva notes of my mother and there I got to know specifically what it mentions. It is one of the section of the IPC under which people are punished for cheating and dishonesty inducing delivery of property. So now I can envisage that in the earlier times, the police had to give justifications to the family of people who were caught cheating cases. And this section became one of the accepted word among us, the commoners.

I wish that all the sections are made popular among the masses. Atleast they will have a ready referrence to get cops do their expected business. Afterall writing severe offences in the non cognizable NC register is not that unpopular. Here is a list of some common sections of the IPC which people should know and also imbibe in their daily talks like how 420 is imbibed.

34- Acts done by several person in furtherance of common intention
120B- Criminal conspiracy
188- Disobedience to an order lawfully promulgated by a public servant
299- culpable homicide
302-  Punishment for murder
304- Punishment to culpable homicide not amounting to murder
304 A- causing death by negligence
304 B- Dowry Death
306- Abetment of Suicide
307- Attempt to murder
312- Causing miscarriage
323- Voluntarily causing hurt
324- Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means
325- Voluntarily causing grievous hurt
376- punishment for rape
379- Punishment for theft
384- punishment for extortion
392- Punishment for robbery
395- Punishment for dacoity
396- Punishment for dacoity with murder
397- Robbery or dacoity with attempts to cause death or grievous hurt
417- Cheating
420- already mentioned
426- Mischief
447- Punishment for criminal tresspass
448- Punishment for house tress pass
453- Punishment for house breaking
509- Uttering any word or making any gesture intended to insult the modesty of women.

If I come across more of the sections, I would definitely edit this post to add them.

Also one new piece of information I got to know, the famous Budh Marg leads to the highway that links Patna with Bodhgaya. Why the hell din't I think of it before ? I must acknowledge that within our dialects there are a lot of hidden informations that we never care to learn. Next time I will be caucious.