Is it possible that Man neither evolved nor was divinely created but arrived here as a colonist from world's elsewhere in space?

Is it possible that the civilisation that man created was destroyed in a vast catastrophe which passed into legend as deluge or flood and was followed by a memory of a time of Gods and a golden age.

Thousands of archaeological sites which may yield valuable informations and throw light on many mysteries havebeen investigated only scantily or not at all. And lacs of vital monuments have been engulfed by the earth's crust. With each year that passes, the chances of solving these mysteries of our past grow less. Some material's like Galt's cube, a strange steel object found inside a piece of coal, bell shaped jar and iron nails have been found encased in stone.

What is the significance of all the world's religion, why do they all follow the same pattern thereby giving births to all our varied Gods? Why did they appear at a certain point in time and at no other? Why have not primitive people today created new religions like the old?

Why is there always at the back of men's mind , the thought that there used to be a golden age on earth ? What is the true significance behind many of our deep subconscious images, such as the great sacred egg ? or the sensation, experienced in dreams, of levitation ? Why do many people experience strange happenings in the mind - telepathy, precognition? Are there powers of the mind which are real but hidden, lying dormant?

Flying saucers too are mentioned on a papyrus in the reign of pharaoh thutmosis 3rd, 4000 years ago, and many refereences are there in the biblical old testament which can be equated with UFO reports. Then are UFO reports real?

All ancient religion speak of a great disaster in the pastand a disaster yet to happen. Why many civilisations like Mayas, Aztecs and easterns religions are so much obsessed with cylic destructions/future destructions. Can we ponder over it ?

Can we just laterallythink that Gods were noones but the astronauts from the other worlds or can we think that there existed in the distant past a very advanced terrestial civilisation on this earth, possessing the knowledge that we have today. Possibilities exist. Ain't they ?

Gods of Air and Darkness: Richard Mooney



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