Day before yesterday, when I was in the Button Shop with my mother,for our Kurtas that are so favouirite to her,I saw few tiles. Tiles depicting Gods of several religion plastered in a desolete corner where two walls merge. Tiles not placed at a respectable height, that they deserve but you know where. Eh..This was absolutely not done out of any faith but because of the people chewing paan, Gutkha and Supari, who pass through the causeway so that they abstain from spitting at those corners. Yet we find the incidences happening. Attributes to, the "not so well" realised cultural harmony among our fellow brothers.

And this is not just happening at this place alone, We see it everywhere. Every nook, corner, Walls, Stairs and places meant for the public to commute and businesses to happen.

Relying on our Gods this way??? I rather consider it an absolute insult to the divine.