24th October 2010

Ah...A new day...

Fast asleep on my bed and my little mind intertwined in so many weired dreams, past traumas and acquaintainces, Mummy bringing a plastic glass full of tea and yelling( why are you getting up this late in the morning?? is a great respite. It brings me back to the real world. Last night I was reading a very good book on behaviour therapy and Assertive techniques. The book titled " DON'T SAY YES WHEN YOU WANT TO SAY NO " is awesome. I borrowed it from Sahal some three years back but every time I read it, I find new dimensions of learning opening up in front of me.

Mummy also have made a nice collection of books in home and she has especially bought a book almirah so that all the books can be dustfree and can be showcased. This atleast has contributed to some extent, towards de paralysing the book freaks who abstained from touching the books because of dusts and spiderwebs. A big Muaaah to her.

Today there is a plan to go to Ambedkar Dental hospital for fillin my molar cavity. Amidst the Bihar polls and festive season, let's see whether I may make it today or not.

That's for now

P.S.- I would like to write some excerpts from the book I mentioned above, may be in my next blog entry.