Dharma Shiksha books

When I was in DAV, from class 7th till class 9th, we were conditioned not to the moral values which were earlier taught to us but to know more about, the not so known, figures of the Arya Samaj. In the Dharma Shiksha book which was taught to the students belonging to both the Hindu and Muslim community children, there were harsh statements infuriating the sentiments of the minority. I used to face great difficulties in digesting those comments and to even write them in the exam, just to get marks. Should Dharma Shiksha or such similar publications from different faith agglomerations, be given this much independence to write ANYTHING about the other communities. Please understand - IT POLLUTES YOUNG MINDS.

Secular values in India are fast declining and one of the experience I lived up with is this one. Any comments?