A praise worthy effort

A praise worthy effort

It might have taken 19 years but justice might be served in the Ruchika Girhotras case. Following the national outcry over the lenient sentencing of former Haryana
DGP S P S rathore – a six months sentence and a fine of Rs 1000 for molesting Ruchika who committed suicide 3 years later- the case has been re opened even as he has been denied anticipatory bail.
What is particularly striking about this case was the brazen manner in which Rathore apparently used his clout to harass the victim and her family, which led Ruchika to commit suicide. In two fresh FIRs Ruchika’s brother and father have documented how they were intimidated so as to withdraw the molestation charges against Rathore. The investigations into the charges by Ruchika’s family should be done under the CBI’s watch as suggested by the law ministry rather than Haryana police which has shown itself in the poor light. There is a possibility of invoking section 305 of the IPC- abetment of suicide of a minor - which stipulates a minimum punishment of 10 years and a maximum of death. There is also a sexual offences Bill which is being readied by the government. Its outcome most probably would bring a heave of sigh to all those, who have been oppressed sexually and eve teased and molested.
Fresh investigations into an incident that happened so many years ago is unusual but public and media pressure have forced a relook at cases where the accused were powerful enough to subvert justice. (Thanks to the Media that sometimes it is media alone and no one else which keeps on raising the issue until something is done over it.) These include the Jessica lal, Nitish katara and priyadarshini Mattoo case . The way these and Ruchika’s cases were handled is a blot on our investigating and justice agencies.
But the heartening thing is that public pressure has succeeded in preventing the accused from getting away. This is off course not an answer to the ills plaguing the justice delivery system in India, but only a short term remedy to making government agencies more responsive. But we can only hope and what better time than the beginning of the new year- that those who commit crimes and then shamelessly use their influence to subvert justice will now think twice about it.

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