Biharis are not beggars

There are various criticism about the people who come from Bihar,in different parts of the country. Some say they are the Beggars, some say they are snatching jobs from different states and what not. I didn't want to make an issue out of it but this time couldn't stop myself. Why Biharis are target again and again. It's very sad to see all this. At the same time, I am kind of getting sick of too much of abuse of freedom of speech in India. Yesterday it was Arundhati Roy and today Naik, and who knows who will be the next tommorrow?
With such people, we dont need external enemies to break our country. Well, it was a very poor show from Mr. Naik in calling the people from the state of Bihar as beggars. Uttering such atrocious comments on some underdeveloped state, community or ethnic group is not a new phenomenon. But I can't understand, when someone talks about Bihar, why do we become defensive? Why can't we face the fact?

Well, I'm not going to be defensive here. I can understand the fact, in Bihar; all of India's longtime problems are plain to see: destitution, illiteracy and lack of basic infrastructure and healthcare. Add to that the venal politics and rampant corruption. One of the great problems is migration too. Instead all of these issues, I always wanted to say clearly, that Biharis are quite nice people to handle.

I won't talk about the golden history of Bihar, or the superior Bihari IAS, IPS lobby, but want to let know some facts to Mr. Naik. Bihar's situation started to deteriorate in the English Raj only. The East India Company started its business in Kolkta and set up three presidencies. Kolkata presidency, Bombay presidency and Chennai presidency respectively. They always tried to concentrate on these reasons, though later they started to take interests in Delhi too, so the region could be developed. This is the fact only, when British started Jute mills, they managed to get laborers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, because Bengali intellectuals were not ready do work.
So migration of sons of soil, is a chronic problem of this poor state. Even after British Raj, its migration wound was not cured and nobody cared for it. The state has been cursed with no development. Thanks to some caste based politics leading to poverty, poor literacy rates and no job opportunities. This has over the years forced Bihari people to leave their home and seeking it elsewhere.
In 60's it was Punjab, which lured Bihari laborers a lot. The so called green revolution in Punjab and Haryana took place due to Biharis only. I remember a sweet and heart touching meloncholy song by Sharda Sihna, in Bhojpuri-
Paniya ke jahaj se paltaniya bani aiha piya
lele ai ha ho…Piya jhumka Punjab se..!
After 70’s, Biharis started to move Delhi, Mumbai and even Southern states and it was routine and till date, they tend to leave their place. I know the fact, the truth and experienced the agony of being separated from my birthplace.

Someone said, “Jan-ni janm bhumischa, swargadapi gariyasi.” I strongly believe in this line.

Time always follows a vicious circle. Every black cloud has a silver lining and with the Su - shasan implemented by our Nitish Ji, Bihar has made a head start in becoming the second most developing state after gujarat ( Development rate - 11.4 % ). Just google, which state has the best RTI machinary in the country and you'd know.

But we'll never forget that we are Indians first.

I would like to stop now. Hope you all would think over it.


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