What all problems we face while planting a tree sapling?

Dear all,

I would like you all to please share your views / experiences regarding what all problems we face when we actually go for planting a tree.

Here to make you understand better, I'd share my own problems as an example.

I am basically from Patna. Some two years back, in summers, when I went home I realized how scorching the heat was. There were just a few trees. No birds except crows were howling from one parapet to other. Only dry grasses could be seen. A drop of water, when landed on the hot concrete road vapourised in no time. Temperature was soaring.

I wondered how the entire mohalla will look like if there were trees just on both sides of the roads wherever we passed by. How cool it'd be to walk sit or roam under cool shades of those trees. How good it would be when in the morning, you'd be able to hear the sweet " kuhoooo " of a cuckoo & in the evening the mottling & chirping of birds. How rapidly the flora and fauna will change. People will start setting their carts to sell fruits & watermelons & those icecream wallas would just have to sit under a shade while banging the slid of their ice crem box (20"×30"×30") against its own.( atleast he won't have to sweat for the whole day yelling -" ICECREAMS " ).

These are the things we see & there are a lot of good things associated with being near to a tree, we can not see by our open eyes. Planting a tree is an asset for the whole world, cutting it a curse.

I'll come back to my point. I thought it'd be a noble movement if I could mobilize young people in my mohalla, in showing concerns towards our immediate environment. In the scorching heat somewhere between 11 am to 2 pm, I used to visit almost all homes where I could find kids & young people ( You know how enthusiastic they get when they hear of such schemes ) .I asked them how feasible it would be for them if they could just protect & water a tree sapling planted near their home on a regular basis. The answers were very affirmative. But the question was, will it be only one person's work to plant the saplings. What all things are required. We needed:

1) people.....a no of people ( being alone may cause resistance), who show concern & act enthusiastically

2) Fund to buy saplings and get barricade to protect them from cattle & vehicles.

3) People who could monitor their growth as well as could water them & protect them.

4) Permissions from the government bodies regarding where all to plant the saplings
that it should not happen ki after some years the grown up saplings are uprooted again to set up a sewage drain or make a road or a fly over.

( ...things to follow I am pretty nai`ve in it.....)

Still I give importance to our first point that we need concerned and aware people. Funds may come for a while from our own pocket. It would be just a mere fund, even if we are able to collect 1 rupee from people of our mohalla our entire locality could be green within 3 months.

.....visiting so many homes the response were pretty good.( I'll write about the responses & the comments further in the next thread ). Young people older than & younger to me got enthusiastic but somehow they insisted that they would not be able to participate actively.( This is actually psychological, when you see a movement started by 3-4 people you automatically tend to be a part of it ...so no worries, Main concern is to get those 3-4 people ). Those who affirmed for their active participation were the one whom I asked for a next tentative date to meet up.

Yes it was just supposed to be a warmup meeting of what all we can do or could possibly think of--" Setting a most prominent and focussed goal ". The venue was my half furnished home. I arranged cold drink / snacks etc for some five people in my head & waited / called them till 2 hours of what the pre arranged time of the meeting was. But nobody turned up. I held my head for quite sometime, had those cold drink & snacks with my mummy, brother, sister & slept.

Well, it was a good experience but my approach may have been wrong. Only if I could have been home for more than 10 days, something concrete could have possibly been achieved.

But i'll keep on trying.
We all know a micro level movement like Green revolution have to be started by each of us again. I appeal you to move ahead.

I'd be happy if you could also share your views experiences here.



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