We live in a fast forward world, why not the language be the same?

Whenever I come across this word, "Queue",I wonder why the originator of this very word added "UEUE" after Q.

There are so many word in English language which could be abriged & would let the reader know what exactly the writer wants to say. Some of them are:-
Would, which can be written as wud

Could, as cud

Forever as 4ever

Before as B4

From as 4m

You as U

Tomorrow as 2moro

wait as w8

Great as gr8

Fine as F9

Between as Btw

See you as CU

See you later as CUL8R

Forward as FWD

Hate as H8

Mobile as MOB

Message as msg

People as ppl

Someone as Sm1

Weekend as wknd

What as wot.

There are hundreds of words like this which I can not recall & write here. Some of you may add to this. But I must thank the sms culture which brought a new era of abriged words into fore for a simple reason of not paying more for the message one want to convey to other. These words are quite famous among college students and youth. Some of them have also been adopted in Oxford dictionary & are even used in formal demeanour. But still, when we cross the line from a chilled out college days to the corporate world, all of us see this paradigm shift.

I just want to ask them ( our respected moguls of the corporate world ) & you, what is the problem if we use these abriged version of the words?

The main purpose of the language is to get across our ideas & if this goal is acomplished by whatsoever mean, I don't find this so called " whatsoever mean " bad.

Things aside, I find these short versions of the words really cute & easy to write. Do you !???