Let there be peace......

Look into the status of the world now. This earth which is nothing but an insignificant speck when compared to the whole universe, yet ,its inhabitants cant live in peace. Ain't we far away from this fact that the very inheritors of this tiny speck will destroy this lone abode of life in no time.
Third world war for Water, Amongst religions, elimination of Terrorism, Superpower Nations bullying their competitors....whatever be, we, our beautiful nature and the balance in everything is definitely going to be at the loosing end. To be precise... Horrendous.

Once people have been indoctrinated into their particular brand of religious conditioning, they are ready to die for it - and even more, ready to kill.
Every war is unholy.You may be fighting in the name of religion, but fighting itself is irreligious.

The whole humanity upto now has lived in a schizophrenic way.Everyone has been cut into pieces... fragments.Your religions, your philosophies, your ideologies have not been healing processes; they have been root causes of inner conflict and war.

In the second world war the pope blessed Mussolini, who was a fascist. Now it is strange, the archibishop of England was also praying to the same God - but Italy & England were at war. Even Adolf Hitler was blessed & received the prayers of both the Catholic & the Protestant religions.Now God must have been in trouble ! All sides were praying to the same christian God.

The family has been the nucleus of all organized religions; it has been the nucleus of all capitalist & feudal societies; it has been the nucleus of all exploitation and war. That nucleus has to be completely withdrawn. Without family dying out, You can not have a real humanity arising, of individuals.

Bhagvadgita is the only scripture in the whole world devoted completely to war. It was perfectly good for Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini. It is not good for people who want peace, for people who want this earth to drop its baundaries of nations, it is not good for those who want one world, one earth, one humanity.Can we see the true implication of Bhagwadgita now ? We are born blind and die like same.

Religions talk about love, but they create the context in which only war prevails. They have been fighting with each other, destroying each other, murdering each other, butchering each other. More blood has been shed in the name of religion than in the name of anything else.

Nothing has been contributed by the Monotheist religions except war.

Out of hundred persons 99 are irreligious.Many of them profess to be religious, but they are not; otherwise the world would have a different quality, a different flavour. There would be celebration, there would be joy and rejoicing, there would be a totally different kind of humanity.These people talk about love and go to war.These people talk about brotherly love & murder each other.

Every religion fills your mind with an idea that even to die for your religion is the greatest virtue, to kill for your religion is not a sin.All these religions,all these nations, these political, social, religious ideologies, go on conflicting, fighting. Man has not done anything much on the earth except fighting or preparing for fighting. There are only two periods in history:one is preparation of war & second is war itself.Man has never known peace.

Organized religions have created wars. They have been fighting for god, for love, for their concept of what truth is. Millions of people have been killed in the clashes between christians & mohammedans, between christian & jews, between Mohammedans and Hindus, between Hindu & Budhdhists. And look now, Sunni Mohammedans fighting against Shia Mohammedans, Dalit Hindus fighting against Brahmin Hindus, Protestant Christian fighting against Catholic Christians. All HOLY sectarian shits.

Religion has nothing to do with war, it is a search for peace. But organized religions are not interested in peace, they are interested in becoming more & more powerful & dominant.

All the religions of the world have been teaching you to fight - fight against nature, fight against the world, fight against your own body, fight against the mind. Only then can you achieve the truth, the ultimate, the eternal. But it is enough proof that this will to power, this path of the ego, this fighting & war has utterly failed. In millions of years, very few people have achieved the ultimate experience of life.

We need more love in the world to balance war. We need more creativity to balance the destructive forces. We need more enlightened people to balance the blind politicians.
Once there are no discriminations of religions, races, nations, war becomes impossible.
26th Nov in Taj, Trident & Oberoi have shaken me ( and infact most of you ) to rethink whether to belong to a particular religion or follow the religion of Humanity & Love. I wish a new religion of Love & Humanity could be brought to fore by the young blood of the world, why not start with ourselves ?
My special thanks to all those people who were a part of a peace march organised on 4th december evening , 7 days after the terror toil outside Taj, Trident & Nariman House. You people, around one and a half lakhs in count showed a new phase of the world I was talking about.



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