The Big Bang Experiment, an attempt to understand what happened just a split second after the big bang.Have a look.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research ,also known by its french acronym CERN carried out what could be explained as the world's biggest experiment in physics.Scientists from around 80 countries switched on the most powerful particle acceleretor , the Hadron Collider (LHC). Protons beams were fired in stages around the 27 Km long tunnel ring which has been constructed 80 m below the ground at the border between France & Switzerland. After the first beam completed its single clockwise movement which took 53minutes, scientists fired the second beam in the anticlockwise direction.The protons were fired at a speed close to that of light.

With the help of the collision of protons scientists are hoping to find the smallest possible component of matter ,smaller than quarks & gluon . Through this experiment, CERN has attempted to recreate the conditions a split second after the Big Bang , which is believed to have created the universe. The experiment is also hoping to find the Higgs Bosons also known as God's Particle which adds mass to matter. The project is lead by Lyn Evans & a team of scientists from across the world.


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