Ba....the one whom you curse often likes you a lot

Got to know on 22nd from Nivedita, my classmate that Deshmukh ma'am , the HOD of statistics department in K.C.College, has no one, ahead of her bloodline. Her husband died some years back & her only son committed suicide.
I felt very sad. Deshmukh Ma'am who is so strict while taking her classes ,ostensibly does so. My personal experience with Deshmukh ma'am have been very plain although. She is the one whom l've seen always alone not talking much to her fellow teachers in the stats dept. There were auras when I smelt something fishy going on in between the faculty members.Only one with whom I've seen her talking freely is Kesarkar uncle,the attendent of our dept.All the time,she is stuck with statistics book, reading, revising portions & reading again.Aloof in not so ostentatious corner of the department an HOD should get.
Girls and boys alike in my batch calls her "Ba", for no doubt her age ( 65 yrs or so) does a good justice to them. Personally speaking, I had always seen Ba, ( Its not been so long since I'v started calling her Ba ) with a stone faced demeanour .She had been a curse to the gossipmongers in our class. Hardly anybody could talk and if anybody does so , he/she has to face stiff outburst of anger from Ba. But when she is happy, she looks very beautiful. Once I told this thing to her and she was blushing like a child. We are lucky to see her happy sometime but an unopportune facet of her fickling mood sometimes leaves us in acute bewiderment.
I made her laugh three times in my last year and I'm proud of it.Otherwise no one even dares to talk to her directly in her face.You may call it my guts but I think I can set some chords with her .Though sometimes I also had to face her anger, most of the time I was comfortable.
She is a very good teacher.One good thing about her pedagogy is that she does everything in the class only,even problems from the practicals.This has made our lives easy.
She has just completed her Phd in statistics and then she was happy and all jolly again.I wish she could be happy always but the incidents in her life has made her pretty hard. May be somebody would open up her vent which is closed since so long that it looks dormant.What I feel is that she must weep....weep for a long time. This is the only thing that could help her lighten herself and not those stuffy theorms of Probability.
She has often come in my dreams where I'v hugged her hard and made her weep.I 'd try to do this in real.Not for gaining her attention but all that I love her for what she is.

This year I'v made her laugh two times.Whether she gets angry on me or just stretches her lips to create an expanse of a beautiful smile, my efforts of shooting stupid questions and funny remarks at her would go on till the discrete times when I could see her.



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